Helping clients with their building needs

K2N Crest Supports Commercial and Industrial Building Engineers

K2N Crest is our ‘go-to’ company for solving difficult structural and architectural problems quickly and effectively. Norris R Eber, CRX, CSM, CLS
President / CIO
Abbell Associates, LLC

Building and renovating facilities to accommodate specific and highly restrictive commercial and manufacturing requirements can be a daunting task.

Major food and product manufacturing firms across the country have worked with us to design and build structures that meet their stringent guidelines. Companies like ConAgra Foods look to our team to develop designs and construction specifications that optimize:

Our commercial clients return to us again and again for help with their renovation and new building design projects. Our many years of experience, our attention to detail and our flexibility in supporting the unique needs of commercial building structures enable us to deliver successful results that often exceed your commercial facility requirements and expectations.