Cook County Building

Client: Soodan & Associates (Chicago, IL)

Project Lead: Donald E. Kimball, Jr., S.E., P.E., CCS, Marco A. Rodriguez, CSI, CDT


The Cook County Building is a multi-functional office building located at 118 North Clark Street between Washington Street and Randolph Street in Chicago, Illinois. The Cook County Building is an eleven-story building constructed in 1905 and completed in 1908 by Chicago Architects Holabird and Roche. Inspection and documentation of distress; preparation of repair drawings and details; field engineering of emergency window stabilization. Provided the owner a detailed assessment of the existing condition of the Building’s façade as well as examined typical wall conditions of the facade for a multimillion-dollar restoration project. Conducted 64 survey drops, covering the entire face of the Cook County Building along the street side and light courts.

Scope of Service

Building Investigations

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