Willa Rawls Manor

Client: Leasing & Management, Inc. (Chicago, IL)

Project Lead: William B. Early, RRC, CCS


Willa Rawls Manor is a 12-story, multi-unit residential building on Chicago’s near south side. Despite many years of regular maintenance, the roofs old materials became worn beyond repair and required replacement. K2N Crest’s roof consultant developed a project manual which included the bidding requirements, contract forms, technical specifications and detailed drawings. During a pre-bid meeting, selected roofers were invited to meet at the site, to review the bidding documents and examine the roof. Once bids were submitted to the owners and a company was selected, K2N provided a full-time roof monitor to assure that the contractor adhered to the specifications and minimized inconvenience to the buildings residents.

Scope of Service

Roof Consulting

Material Type

Flat Roofing