ConAgra Foods - Blending Department

Client: ConAgra Foods (Carol Stream, IL)

Project Lead: David A. Nelson, AIA, NCARB


The commission was to remodel the existing blending department into a "state of the art" food grade blending facility. The existing blending department employed steel platforms to support the massive blenders used to mix spices. The facility engineers could not keep up with the deterioration of the steel structure any longer as it could compromise the quality of their product. K2N was hired to design a new "state of the art" blending facility, incorporating the highest food grade materials and systems available today.

The project was approximately 12,000 square feet in size on two floors. The client didn't want to raise the roof of the building, so the production stack-up was carefully designed to maximize the space available. When the best design turned out to be about 14" too tall, K2N designed a structural modification to the existing bar joists that allowed the roof to remain intact and the stack-up design to fit perfectly.

The client often receives visitors from other ConAgra facilities that travel there to see the new blending department, as it exemplifies the corporate mission for the ultimate in food safety design.

Note: Interior photos of the project are classified and not available for viewing.

Scope of Service

Structural Engineering, Architecture

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