Case Study: A Crumbling Façade, a City Ordinance and a Limited Budget

It was the perfect storm. Four years ago, the façades on University Park Condominiums’ two 10-story  residential buildings were crumbling; the City of Chicago required immediate action; and there was limited funding available. The condo association and its property management team needed a solution that could work for their buildings, their time frame and their budget.

“We obtained three bids for the façade work,” said Megan Serena, operations manager for Lieberman Management Services, the property’s management firm. “Each  bidder had to present to our 15-person board. With such a large group, getting consensus can be a challenge. When Marco Rodriguez from K2N Crest presented, he was very knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. He was able to simplify the structural complexities for our audience and advised us as to what the façade project was going to require and what he and his team would be able to accomplish.”

Marco advised a four-year, phased approach to accommodate the association’s budgetary limitations while still addressing the City’s immediate requirements. “We liked Marco’s plan and his projected costs were competitive,” said Megan. “We’re now in year four of the project, and K2N Crest has been doing a great job for us. When we had to extend the plan by two years to allow funding for other projects, Marco had no difficulty adjusting the strategy.”

University Park Condos

“K2N Crest consistently delivers quality work and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Our new building façades are beautiful and will last for many decades to come, thanks to Marco and his team of experts.”

Megan Serena, Operations Manager, Lieberman Management Services

“With projects like these, you’re never quite sure you’re going to get the results you want,” Megan added. “When you’re writing very large checks every summer, it’s important to have confidence in the people you’re dealing with. Marco has brought in each year’s projects on time and within or under budget with no unpleasant surprises—he’s become our ‘go to’ resource for other structural concerns, such as roof issues and leaking in our underground garage.”

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