K2N Crest Supports Renewable Resource Implementation Managers

As energy costs rise and environmental concerns continue to grow, renewable resource implementations are becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s finding ways to incorporate photovoltaic solar power grid arrays on roofs, ground mount or carport structures, or developing a ‘green’ (vegetative) roof waterproofing and structural design, the impact of these implementations upon new and existing buildings requires significant structural consideration.

  • We’ve worked on hundreds of photovoltaic installations in Hawaii and Illinois – providing structural design services that support both aesthetic and structural load bearing requirements. Our work with Haleakala Solar in Hawaii has enabled us to find new and innovative ways to add solar panels to existing building structures, such as carports. Together, we’ve been able to enhance the viability of solar installations throughout Hawaii and Illinois.
  • ‘Vegetative’ roofs are another resource-friendly alternative that is also practical in mid-range climates, and is becoming an increasingly popular installation in densely populated cities such as Chicago. K2N provides structural engineering consulting to ensure your roof can support the additional weight of the heavy vegetative panels creating the insulating layer that helps reduce building heating and cooling costs.

“Partnering with K2N Crest has enabled Haleakala to address the structural needs of our clients for many years. Whether we’re called upon to install solar panels or to design and install a solar hot water system, we depend on the registered roof consultants and structural engineers of K2N Crest for expertise and proven experience.”

Jim Whitcomb
President and Founder
Haleakala Solar