K2N Crest Supports Building Owners and Property Managers

When working to ensure the ongoing maintenance and structural integrity of your buildings, the challenges you face can be:

  • Urgent, such as with a potential wall or roof collapse
  • Ongoing, as when façade restoration or building remodeling is required
  • Frustrating, as with locating the root cause of a water seepage issue.

K2N Crest has the knowledge and resources to help identify and resolve your structural issues quickly and effectively.

  • Building Design & Structure — As buildings age, environmental deterioration, design flaws and structural defects that threaten the integrity of your commercial building can emerge. Our experienced forensic engineers identify the problem, determine a solution, create detailed specifications for implementation, and can manage the remediation process. When remodeling, our experienced architectural design team works closely with structural engineers to incorporate a design that supports your vision and maintains the integrity of your building.
  • Façade Restoration — Weather, age and other environmental issues can wreak havoc on building exteriors, particularly high-rise structures. We’ve worked on thousands of buildings – repairing crumbling and damaged facades for newer, modern construction of rolled steel, glass, concrete, masonry and terra cotta as well as historical landmark buildings where fragile facades must be treated with extreme care and caution.
  • Roof Consulting — Roofing problems can cause costly damage to your structure. Because of the multiple layers and different media used in roofing systems, many issues are imperceptible to the untrained eye and can only be found by a highly experienced roofing consultant. Our K2N roof consulting team has more than 35 years of experience, and is adept at identifying damage and deterioration and determining their underlying causes.

“K2N Crest Consultants have helped me solve many building issues over 20 plus years.  They are experts at investigating issues and developing effective and creative solutions to repair existing buildings.”

Lynn R. Jester
VP Global Facility Management Lead
NCR Corporation Account
Jones Lang LaSalle, Americas