Local Access to Professional Structural Design

Alexander Vaughan has been a K2N Crest structural engineering associate since April of 2012. In 2014,  Alex established the K2N Crest regional office in Kahului—where he works with various local architectural firms and contractors to provide structural designs for commercial and custom residential buildings. Alex and K2N also provide structural design support to Haleakala Solar, a prominent Maui-based firm specializing in photovoltaic (solar panel) design and installation.

Alexander Vaughan, K2N Crest professional and head of the firm’s Kahului office.

Every four-to-six weeks Don Kimball, president and founding principal at K2N Crest, provides additional onsite expertise—joining Alex in the Kahului office. Alex and Don also have access to the services of a team of highly experienced K2N professionals operating out of the company’s Oak Brook, Illinois headquarters.

Alex loves living in Hawaii, and is enthusiastic about offering his professional support to Maui’s building and construction community. He notes, “I have been afforded the opportunity to share my structural engineering talents with the people of Maui. Moving from the midwest to beautiful Makawao, I have learned how the fabric of the community rallies around the responsible use of the ʻĀina (land) and the ways to best protect it. Using my talents and the cutting edge technology of our industry, I am able to consider the impacts of the environment in each and every design that we produce.”

A carport designed by K2N Crest to hold solar panels – providing added power to the Harbor Lights condominium facility and offering resident vehicles protection from the elements.

With a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Purdue University, Alex is looking to complete his Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering in early 2017.