Planning to Build or Renovate? Act Before Spring Arrives.

While most building construction is put on hold during winter months, you CAN take advantage of this slowdown to move forward on new projects that you’ve been considering.  The months of February and March are when you want to look around and evaluate that warehouse construction project or building renovation you want to pursue this year, or even next year. Here’s why you should start planning your projects now.

  1. Builders and contractors have staff availability to quickly assess and bid on your project. Because construction slows due to cold weather, companies have more time and manpower ready to evaluate your project. They also can provide this information to you within relatively short timeframes (vs. the lengthy delays you may experience during the spring and summer months).
  2. Staff professionals have time to do a more comprehensive job of assessing the work required to deliver on your project. Experts who may normally manage numerous building design and/or construction projects tend to have much lighter workloads in winter. Given fewer distractions, these professionals can really focus on your project and you are more likely to get a more accurate and comprehensive initial design and build plan.
  3. Bids tend to be lower when construction slows. As with any industry, no work being performed means less money coming in. When that happens, rates go down to entice new customers and bring in more outside business. Contractors and construction companies are more likely to offer you lower rates if you have them bid on projects during the slow winter months, before the spring/summer demand starts. BONUS – you may also be able to capture an earlier spot in their project queue if you decide to move forward with construction.

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